The one thing that people always worry about, including myself, when planning a trip is where will they sleep each night.  When I set off from Ho Chi Minh City in July 2016 my first 3 nights accommodation were already sorted as I was staying with friends. After that it really was a journey into the unknown as I literally had no idea where I would stay each night.

The first few nights when I had to find accommodation were slightly daunting but within a week it had become second nature – as it is getting dark I look on the map to see where the nearest village is and then stop there to ask; well really use sign language – putting my hands together on my head and looking like I am going to sleep.  People normally get the idea and will then point me in the direction I need to go or, more often than not, will shoot off and bring back somebody who I can stay with.

The total cost of accommodation so far on my trip has been 2417 GBP (up to 27th May 2017).  At this point I had been cycling for 325 days which meant that the average nights accommodation works out at just over 7 GBP per night.

The tables below list where I have slept each night in each continent that I have visited on this cycle trip along with the type and price of accommodation; if you click on the location of each this will open a separate google map to show you exactly where I stayed:

Where have I slept?



DateAccommodation typeLocationCost
Total Cost£110
19th June 2017Private houseChiusaforte£20
20th June 2017Camped by lakeLago Di Cavazzo£0
21st June 2017HotelCaorle£30
22nd June 2017Private houseCa Ballarin£20
23rd June 2017Camped on beachPellestrina£0
24th-27thJune 2017Camped at campsiteLido Di Venezia£10 per night


DateAccommodation typeLocationCost
Total Cost£87
2nd June 2017Camped in forestNear Maribor£0
3rd June 2017Hotel GostilinaMaribor£20
4th June 2017Camped in forestNear Videz£0
5th June 2017Camped in fieldNear Celje£0
6th June 2017Camped by riverNear Zalec£0
7th June 2017Stayed with Peter and AndreiLjubljana£0
8th June 2017House in LjubljanaLjubljana£20
9th/10th June 2017Camped at pubKamniska Bistrica£6 per night
11th/12th June 2017Camped by riverBled£0 per night
13th June 2017Camped by lakeBohinjsko Jezero£0
14th June 2017Mountain hutUkanc Waterfall£10
15th June 2017Korli CampsiteKoritnica£5
16th June 2017Pension FedrigKobarid£20
17th June 2017Camped by riverNear Soca£0
18th June 2017Camped in forestNear Kranjska Gora£0


DateAccommodation typeLocationCost
Total Cost£16
25th to 27th MayStayed at Pete and Cate's flat Vienna£0 per night
28th May 2017Camped in forestNear Haschendorf£0
29th May 2017Camped in forestNear Aspang Markt£0
30th May 2017Camped in forestnear Hartberg£0
31st May/1st JuneCamped in campsiteBairisch Kölldorf£8 per night


DateAccommodation typeLocationCost
Total Cost£0
21st to 24th May 2017 Stayed at Karen and Damian's house Pernek (Bratislava)£0 per night


DateAccommodation typeLocationCost
Total Cost£48
12th/13th May 2017Air BnB apartmentBudapest£25 (Andy & Eoghan)
14th May 2017Camped Lake BalatonBalatonkenese£0
15th May 2017Camped Lake BalatonBalatonbolgar£0
16th May 2017Camped Lake BalatonBalatonbereny£0
17th May 2017Camped Lake BalatonKeszthely£0
18th May 2017Stayed with Richard in BudapestBudapest£0
19th May 2017Camped next to DanubeEsztergomi£8 (Damian)
20th May 2017Hotel Duna Panoráma PanzióGonyu£15 (Richard & Damian)


DateAccommodation typeLocationCost
Total Cost£107
22nd April 2017Paul and Anca, WarmshowersBucharest£0
23rd April - 3rd May 2017Flew to Malaysia for holiday with wifePenang£0
5th May 2017Paul and Anca, WarmshowersBucharest£0
6th May 2017Pensiunea Dely Cios Vălenii de Munte£15
7th May 2017Aro Sport HotelBrasov£15 (Andy & Eoghan)
8th May 2017Garofița Pietrei Craiului HomestayZarnesti£10 (Andy & Eoghan)
9th May 2017Phonix HotelSighisoara£25 (Andy & Eoghan)
10th May 2017Hotel DanielSibiu£24 (Andy & Eoghan)
11th May 2017Subcetate HomestayDeva£18 (Andy & Eoghan)


DateAccommodation typeLocationCost
Total Cost£122
12th April 2017Best Western Airport Hotel Sofia£40
13th April 2017Lion Hotel, SofiaSofia£6
14th April 2017Lion Hotel, BorovetsBorovets£20
15th/16th April 2017Apartment Plovdiv£15 per night
17th April 2017Ilikova GuesthouseKalofer£6
18th April 2017Camped in MountainsShipka Pass£0
19th April 2017Camped at Dryanovo MonasteryDryanovo£0
20th/21st April 2017Danube Plaza HotelRuse£10 per night


United Arab Emirates

DateAccommodation typeLocationCost
Total Cost£0
5th April 2017Stayed with Pete and MichelleAl Ain£0
6th April 2017Camped in desertAl Faqa£0
7th/8th April 2017Stayed with Brian and EmmaDubai£0 per night
9th-11th April 2017Stayed with Rob and AirisDubai£0 per night


DateAccommodation typeLocationCost
Total Cost£185
12th -14th March 2017Stayed with Ingmar and KarenPDO, Muscat£0 per night
15th March 2017Camped on beachQuiryat£0
16th March 2017Camped on beachFins£0
17th March 2017Camped in foothillsSur£0
18th March 2017Apartment HotelAl Ayjah£20
19th/20th March 2017Ras Al Hadd Guesthouse (no camping on beach as turtles laying eggs)Ras Al Hadd£30 per night
21st March 2017Qawawal ApartmentsAl Kamil£35
22nd March 2017Camped in desertWahiba Sands£0
23rd/24th MarchCamped in Wadi Bani KhalidWadi Bani Khalid£0 per night
25th March 2017Camped in desertLizq£0
26th/27th March 2017Hotel Al DiyarNizwa£35 per night
28th March 2017Camped in WadiBahla£0
29th March 2017Camped in WadiWadi Ghul£0
30th March 2017Camped at top of Grand CanyonJabal Shems£0
31st March 2017Camped in WadiMinthar£0
1st April 2017Camped in WadiWadi Damm£0
2nd/3rd April 2017Stayed with Catherine (WS)Ibri£0 per night
4th April 2017Stayed in plantationAs Sunaynah£0



DateAccommodation typeLocationCost
Total Cost£150
7th-11th March 2017IstanbulIstanbul£30 per night



DateAccommodation typeLocationCost
Total Cost£50
6th March 2017Crowne Plaza HotelPanama City Airport£50



DateAccommodation typeLocationCost
Total Cost£32
2nd March 2017Hostal VentisqueroChile border£12
3rd/4th March 2017Stayed with NatachaSantiago£0 per night
5th MarchDiego De Almagro Airport HotelSantiagoAirport£20


DateAccommodation typeLocationCost
Total Cost£479
31st Jan2017Hotel Frontera La QuiacaLa Quiaca (Villazon)£19
1st Feb 2013Camped on the PunaNear Azul Pampa£0
2nd/3rd FebHotel Rincones de JujuyTilcara£20 per night
4th Feb 2017Camped at Municipal campsiteEl Carmen£3
5th/6th/7th Feb 2017Hotel Inti RayniSalta£25 per night
8th FebCamped by riverNear Alemania£0
9th/10th/11th FebPlaza HotelCafayate£20 per night
12th Feb 2014Camped on riverNear El Desmonte£0
13th Feb 2014Camped at thermal springNear Nos Nacimientos£0
14th Feb 2017Camped on riverNear Londres£0
15th Feb 2017Camped on riverNear San Blas£0
16th/17th Feb 2017Hotel ACAChilecito£20 per night
18th Feb 2017Posada Del Olivio (passed 10,000km)Nonogasta£60
19th Feb 2017Hotel Valle ColoradoVilla Union£20
20th Feb 2017Hostal San BernandoGuandacol£15
21st Feb 2017Camped in desertNear San Juan£0
22nd Feb 2017Hotel Estrella AndinaSan Juan£20
23rd Feb 2017Moto HostalSan Juan£18
24th Feb 2017Camped in parkMedia Agua£0
25th/26th Feb 2017Hotel Royal HorconesMendoza£20 per night
27th Feb 2017Bodega Familia CecchinMaipu£40
28th Feb 2017Camped at campgroundPotrerillos£9
1st March 2017Hotel VienaUspallata£20


DateAccommodation typeLocationCost
Total Cost£193
5th/6th/7th/8th Jan 2017Roberto and Birgit's houseIsla Verde£0
9th/10th Jan 2017Hostal IntikalaIsla Del Sol, Lake Titicaca£12 per night
11th Jan 2017Residential Alta Vista HotelLa Paz£12
12th Jan 2017Roberto and Birgit's houseIsla Verde£0
13th Jan 2017Alojamiento Patacamaya£6
14th Jan 2017Hostal Kory WaraCurahurua De Carangas£4
15th /16th Jan 2017Eco Lodge (full board)Sajama National Park£40 per night
17th Jan 2017Hostal SajamaSajama Village£5
18th Jan 2017Camped in tent on AltiplanoAltiplano£0
19th Jan 2017Camped in tent on AltiplanoAltiplano£0
20th /21st Jan 2017AlojamientoSabaya£5 per night
22nd Jan 2017Camped in tent on AltiplanoEstancia Lavaxa£0
23rd/24th Jan 2017Residencial SillajuayLlica£7 per night
25th Jan 2017AlojamientoUyuni£12
26th Jan 2017AlojamientoUyuni£8
27th Jan 2017AlojamientoAtocha£2
28th JanCamped in tent on AltiplanoAltiplano£0
29th/30th JanAlojamiento VargasTupiza£8 per night


DateAccommodation typeLocationCost
Total Cost£80
1st Jan-4th Jan 2017ApartmentBuenos Aires£20 per night


North Island New Zealand

DateAccommodation typeLocationCost
Total Cost£84
26th/27th/28th Nov 2016Stayed with Simon and HelenWellington£0
29th Nov 2016Camped by riverManawatu River£0
30th Nov 2016Camped at beachKoitiata£4
1st Dec 2016Camped by riverWhanganui River Road£0
2nd / 3rd Dec 2016Camped by riverOhakune Mountain Road£0
4th Dec 2016Camped by riverTongariro National Park£0
5th / 6th Dec 2016Camped at campsiteTaumarunui£10 per night
7th Dec 2016Camped by riverTimber Trail£0
8th Dec 2016Camped by lakeMangakino£0
9th Dec 2016Camped by damWaipapa Dam£0
10th Dec 2016Camped by riverWaikato River£0
11th Dec 2016Camped at Emma'sCambridge£0
12th Dec 2016Camelot on Ulster HotelHamilton£60
13th - 18th Dec 2016Stayed with Alison and DougWaerenga£0
19th - 31st DecDeirbhle joined me for holidayNorth Island (various places)Wife paid !!!

South Island New Zealand

DateAccommodation typeLocationCost
Total Cost£128
25th / 26th Oct 2016Stayed with Brian and MarionQueenstown£0
27th Oct 2016Camped (D.O.C.)North Mavora Lake£3
28th Oct 2016CampedManapouri£8
29th Oct 2016Slept on boat Doubtful Sound FjordDoubtful Sound Fjord£0
30th Oct 2016CampedColic Bay£8
31st Oct / 1st Nov 2016CampedRiverton£10 per night
2nd Nov 2016Camped (D.O.C.)Fortrose£0
3rd Nov 2016CampedPapatowai£10
4th Nov 2016Camped (D.O.C.)Purakaunui Bay£0
5th/6th/7th Nov 2016Stayed with Sue and DerekPukerau£0
8th Nov 2016CampedMillers Flat£9
9th Nov 2016Camped by riverTaieri River bank£0
10th Nov 2016Camped by riverKyeburn Diggings£0
11th/12th Nov 2016Dorm bedKurow£12 per night
13th Nov 2016Camped by riverHakataramea Valley£0
14th Nov 2016Mountain hutMount Cook£0
15th Nov 2016Camped D.O.COmarama£0
16th/17th 2016Camped at campsiteWanaka£7 per night
18th Nov 2016Camped by riverHaast Pass£0
19th Nov 2016Camped by riverFox Glacier£0
20th Nov 2016Camped at campsiteHari Hari£6
21st Nov 2016Camped at campsiteRapahoe£8
22nd Nov 2016Camped at campsitePunakaiki£6
23rd Nov 2016Camped at campsiteMurchison£6
24th Nov 2016Stayed with FranUpper Moutere£0
25th Nov 2016Camped at campsiteMaitai Valley, Nelson£6




DateAccommodation typeLocationCost
Total Cost£20
14th Oct 2016Taksu Sanur HotelSanur, Bali£20
15-24th OctDeirbhle flew to BaliBali/Java (various places)Wife paid !!!


DateAccommodation typeLocationCost
Total Cost£105
5th/6th Oct 2016Orange HotelLabuan Bajo£10 per night
7th Oct 2016Dive boatKomodo Marine Park£0
8th Oct 2016Orange HotelLabuan Bajo£10
9th Oct 2016Wae Rebo LodgeDintor£10
10th Oct 2016Wae Rebo VillageWae Rebo£15
11th Oct 2016Wae Rebo LodgeDintor£10
12th/13th Oct 2016Sunset Hill HotelLabjuan Bajo£20 per night


DateAccommodation typeLocationCost
Total Cost£119
22nd/23rd/24th Sept 2016Camped on beachUnnamed beach £0 per night
25th Sept 2016Hotel AndaAlas£10
26th Sept 2016Pantai Kencana HotelPantai Kencana£20
27th Sept 2016No name guesthouseEmpang£9
28th/29th/30th Sept 2016Monalisa CottagesLakey Beach£5 per night
1st/2nd/3rd Sept 2016Marina HotelBima£20 per night
4th Oct 2016Losmen MustikaSape£5


DateAccommodation typeLocationCost
Total Cost£50
14th Sept 2016Camped on beachSira Beach£0
15th Sept 2016Camped in hospital groundsBayan Hospital£0
16th Sept 2016Rinjani HomestaySenaru£5
17th Sept 2016Camped on crater rimMount Rinjani£0
18th/19th/20th Sept 2016Saifana Organic FarmLoloan£15 per night
21st Sept 2016Camped on beachSembelie£0


DateAccommodation typeLocationCost
Total Cost£70
11th & 12th Sept 2016Taksu Sanur HotelSanur, Bali£30 per night
13th Sept 2016Celagi HotelPadang Bai£10


DateAccommodation typeLocationCost
Total Cost£185
5th Aug 2016The Leverage HotelAlor Setar£14
6th Aug 2016HomestayKampung Pinang Tunggal£20
7th Aug 2016Hotel LouisTaiping£14
8th Aug 2016Stayed with WJ LeeSeri Iskandar£0
9th/10th/11th Aug 2016Planters HotelTanah Rata£17 per night
12th Aug 2016Hotel JelaiKuala Lipis£8
13th/14th/15th Aug 2016Chalet DurianTaman Negara National Park£8 per night
16th Aug 2016Issoria HotelBandar Pusat Jengka£11
17th Aug 2016Rocana HotelKuantan£0
18th Aug 2016Pekan Budget HotelPekan£11
19th Aug 2016Hotel Seri MalaysiaEndau£15
20th Aug 2016Sri Mersing ResortAir Papan beach£12
21st Aug 2016Camped on beachAir Papan£0
22nd Aug to 6th SeptEurope/HCMC
7th Sept 2016Stayed with Omar ZainiMersing£0
8th Sept 2016Stayed with Bob BahariSedili£0
9th & 10th Sept 2016Baguss City HotelJohor Bahru£15 per night


DateAccommodation typeLocationCost
Total Cost£187
14th July 2016No name guest houseKhlong Yai, Thailand£7
15th/16th July 2016SA HotelTrat, Thailand£10 per night
17th July 2016Klaeng Palace HotelKlaeng, Thailand£8
18th July 2016No name guest houseBan Bueng, Thailand£8
19th/20th July 2016Stayed with David NevinOn Nut, Bangkok, Thailand£0 per night
21st July 2016Rarin ResortBang Tabun, Thailand£17
22nd July 2016Camped at Paul and Natt'sCha Am, Thailand£0
23rd July 2016Front Beach HotelHua Hin, Thailand£14
24th/25th July 2016Camped in Khao Sam Roi Yot National ParkKhao Sam Roi Yot National Park, Thailand£0 per night
26th July 2016Rocky Point ResortThap Sakae, Thailand£24
27th July 2016No Name ResortBang Saphan Noi, Thailand £10
28th July 2016Thung Wua Laen Beach ResortThung Wua Laen Beach£15
29th July 2016Camped in Mu Ko Chumphon National ParkNear Chumphon£0
30th July 2016Latda HouseLamae£5
30th July 2016Anchalee Garden HotelWiang Sa£9
1st Aug 2016Camped at Em-orn and Ple's houseTrang£0
2nd/3rd Aug 2016Sawan ResortKoh Lipe£20 per night
4th Aug 2016Camped in ThaleBan National ParkNear Wang Prachan£0


DateAccommodation typeLocationCost
Total Cost£11
4th/5th July 2016Stayed with Uyen Nguyen's family. AP. Phu Dinh, Vietnam£0 per night
9th July 2016Invited to stay in villlageKampong Chrey, Cambodia£0
10th July 2016Invited to stay at Bokor Mountain lodge Kampot, Cambodia£0
11th July 2016No name guesthousePrey Nob, Cambodia£4
12th July 2016Boeung Meas guesthouseAndoung Tuek, Cambodia£4
13th July 2016HomestayTrapaeng Rung, Cambodia£3


DateAccommodation typeLocationCost
Total Cost£12
4th/5th July 2016Stayed with Uyen Nguyen's family. AP. Phu Dinh, Vietnam£0 per night
6th July 2016Stayed with Khoa's sisterKhu Di Tích Cái Ngang, Vietnam£0
7th July 2016Thai Duong 2 HotelLong Xuyen, Vietnam£7
8th July 2016Gia Phu, Nha NghiChau Doc, Vietnam£5

So far on my trip the outstanding experiences have been when I have stayed with local people rather than in hotels/guesthouses and I would really appreciate it if anybody reading this could offer me more of these opportunities as I cycle my way around the world.  (click here to watch a couple of videos of my experiences of local hospitality – video 1 and video 2)

I do also appreciate a ‘little poshness’ now and again – where I can get a good nights sleep, get my washing done and have a good chin wag with people.  If you think that you would love to offer me somewhere to stay but think that your place may be too small I honestly just need a few meters space on a floor.  I don’t even need a bed – after a long days cycling I sleep like a log and have my own roll mat and sleeping bag.  As long as I have somewhere safe to sleep that is all that really matters.

For a more detailed explanation of the route that I will be following please click here or follow the route tabs at the top of the page.  If it looks like I will be cycling past where you live feel free to join me for a couple of days, or if you can’t join me then the offer of a meal, a garden to pitch my tent or even a bed for the night would be amazing.

To contact me about the future dates that I will be cycling through a specific city/country please leave a comment below and I will get back to you as soon as I can, or alternatively click here to email me direct!

Thanks for your help.



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