Turkey videos

This was a stopover in Turkey  on my way to the Middle East.

Please scroll down to watch the videos from Turkey or visit my Youtube channel where you will find all of the videos from my cycle around the world.

Getting a waxing, Istanbul, Turkey (1 minute)

My final job before leaving was to find a barbers and the guy on reception recommended that I went for a full Turkish and it wasn’t what I was expecting. Not only did I get a haircut but I also got a free ear and nose wax.

First they smeared hot wax over my ears, then they dipped cotton buds in the wax and stuck one up each of my nostrils. Once cooled and hardened it was time to peel the wax off my ears and pull, yes pull, the cotton buds out.

All of the videos from my cycle around the world are available on my YouTube channel by clicking here

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