The road to Venice, Italy

After two months of cycling through the mountains of Europe it was time to descend to the ocean,  and beach hop my way along Italy’s beautiful Adriatic coastline towards Venice. (more…)

Cycling The Julian Alps, Slovenia

For the final time on this trip it was time to put my climbing legs to work as I cycled into the heart of the Julian Alps, and up the amazingly beautiful Soca valley and over Vrsic Pass. (more…)

Into the mountains, Slovenia

It was now time to cycle into the fantastic mountains of Slovenia.  Steep passes, amazing rivers, beautiful lakes and a spot of downhill mountain biking awaited. (more…)

The road to Ljubljana, Slovenia

Picturesque villages, medieval castles, hundreds of hills, a spot of caving, new friends and even a beer fountain – never a dull moment as I cycled my way to beautiful Ljubljana.  (more…)

Cycling Austria

Glorious mountains, empty forests and no bears – it was time to get back to basics as I cycled through what was probably my most expensive country so far. (more…)

Visiting friends in Bratislava and Vienna

Two beautiful capital cities just 60km apart, and with the prospect of long chats with old friends it was going to be a fantastically relaxed week as I became more of a sightseeing tourist than a cyclist. (more…)

Budapest to Bratislava with Richard and Damian

It was now time to follow the River Danube from Budapest to Bratislava – 3 days, 300km, and with Richard and Damian along for the ride it was going to be a fantastic adventure. (more…)

Cycling Lake Balaton

I had a few days to kill before meeting up with my next cycling partners, and decided to cycle 100km to the south of Budapest to visit Lake Balaton, where the world’s largest thermal lake is also located.  This seemed like the ideal destination for a few days of R&R. (more…)

Cycling Transylvania with Andy and Eoghan

An action packed week of fantastic cycling as two friends from England, Andy and Eoghan, joined me to explore the  Carpathian Mountains of Transylvania, Romania. (more…)

Cycling Romania (with a weekend in Malaysia)

It was nearly time to go and find out if Dracula existed, but first I had a 8500km date to keep with my wife in Malaysia. (more…)

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