Total cost of round the world cycle

The table below indicates the total cost that I paid to get to the start line of my round the world cycle.  The first 9 items indicate the final price that I paid for each category.  I will update the other costs as I incur them.

For a full breakdown of the costs associated with each category please click on the item name to open a separate page and then scroll down to the relevant information:

Total Cost£5155
Bike accessories£141
Racks, panniers and Dry Bags£528
Camping Equipment£624
Cooking Equipment£184
Cycle Wear£287
Accommodation£0 (cost so far)
Visas£265 (TBC)
Flights£1175 (TBC)
Insurance£250 (TBC)

When I set about planning this trip the figures that I had in my head were that the bike set up would cost around £1500, and all of the kit and camping equipment that I had to buy would add an extra £2000 to bring the total cost to around the £3500 mark.  I had then budgeted a further £1500 to account for the additional price of the vaccinations, medical insurance, visas and flights.  This puts the figure that I thought it would cost me to get to the start line of this cycle trip at around £5000.

The actual total cost when I have added in the final flights will be just over £6000.  This is higher than the ball park figure that I had estimated, but as I had not cut any corners on the specification of the bike or equipment, and even added a few ‘luxury’ items,  then I am happy with this price.

When I set off from HCMC on the 4th of July 2016,  I will update the actual costs to the flights, visas and accommodation as I incur them.  Once I have completed my cycle I hope to have a truer picture of the total cost that is associated with a 12 month world cycle tour adventure; my estimate is that the whole trip will cost around £8000.

I think that the final thing that needs to be considered when looking at the costings though is that this is not just the price of a single round the world cycle; all of the equipment was purchased from new and I expect the majority of it to be still in full workable condition for a fair few cycling trips after this one.  So effectively, the core price for the bike and equipment of £3500 gives me the necessary set up for fully self sufficient cycling tours over the next 5 years or so without, hopefully, the need to incur any further major expenses. I think in these terms that the price paid is perfectly reasonable.

3 thoughts on “Total cost of round the world cycle tour

    • June 9, 2016 at 5:40 pm

      Hi Joe,
      Great to hear form you.
      I’m not planning on recording the everyday expenses like food and drink as that will be way too boring and time consuming. (plus I would spend this money even if I stayed at home) I have given myself a daily budget of $10 (not including accommodation) and I think that this should be enough for most countries I cycle through around the world. In western europe I may have to live on veggies and pot noodle to stay within budget, and in Argentina I may have to save a dollar a day to visit La Brigada restaurant in Buenos Airies where, apparently, waiters cut four-inch-thick steaks with a mere spoon –

      • June 9, 2016 at 6:28 pm

        Oh that makes sense! that’s super cool! You’ll also be able to live off of empanadas in Argentina! Those were my staple while I was there. Good luck with the rest of preparing before you leave!



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