I contacted a number of insurance companies with the following requirements:

  • Insurance was for tour cycling holiday where main form of transport between places was by bicycle for the duration of the holiday
  • I was a UK resident
  • My departure point was the UK
  • The cover needed was for a 12 month duration
  • I would be travelling worldwide but NOT to the USA (always costs much more to include the USA)
  • Bicycle would not need to be covered by the policy (my thoughts were that it unlikely to get stolen)
  • I needed a policy which included medical expense cover and repatriation

After receiving quotes and reviewing the specific terms and conditions the company that I finally went with was Insure and Go.  Their Backpacker Bronze insurance covered all of my needs for 324 GBP with the excess reduced to 0 per claim. (I think that it was 287 GBP with 50 GBP excess per claim)

Before purchasing the cover I double checked my specific requirements with their online help desk, and at the end of the online chat you can download a transcript of your conversation just in case their are any issues later on. 

Specific terms of this policy included:

  • Cycle Touring is where you are using main traffic ways and travelling between locations. Bicycle is the main form of transport from one place to another for the duration of the holiday – i.e. around a country.
  • For cycle touring, medical expenses that arise as a result of taking part in that activity will be considered under the normal terms and conditions of the policy. This includes any medically necessary treatment.
  • When Cycle Touring you will not be covered for the sections of cover of Personal Accident or Personal Liability compensation.
    • Personal accident cover is a lump sum compensation payment on top of medical treatment in the event of a permanent injury or disablement.
    • Personal liability is if you injure somebody, damage or lose their property and they decide to pursue you for damages.
  • My bike would be covered up to the single article limit within the Baggage section
  • I would be covered up to policy limits in relation to medical expenses incurred due to a cycling accident, including full medical repatriation.

So far I have had to make one medical claim on the policy which was a visit to a dentist to have a filling replaced when I was in New Zealand.  I submitted all of the documents required, including details of the flight out of the the UK, online and within 7 days they had sent a check to my UK address for the full amount.

I have had no difficulty with this policy and as they have an online help desk which is open 24 hours a day (great for time zone differences) I am happy to recommend this policy and would purchase it again.