My name is Stewart. I am English, aged 48, and for 5 years I lived and, prior to starting this cycle tour, worked in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

In July 2016, I gave up work to spend 12 months in the saddle as I embarked on a world cycle tour. The aim of this website is to chronicle this journey – the planning, the equipment and probably most importantly the journey itself.

In preparation for this journey I did not set out to reinvent the wheel and relied on the advice of other people who are either currently pedaling their own way around the world or are back home planning their next adventure.

My planned route took me through 23 countries and across 4 continents during my 12 months in the saddle. As I was living in Vietnam then this was the starting point for my cycle tour.

  • 23 COUNTRIES, 16000KM, 12 MONTHS (Click on map for route details)

My world cycle ride began with a 3 month cycle through Asia from Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam to the island of Flores in Indonesia.  En-route, I passed through Cambodia, Thailand, Malaysia and Singapore.

I then flew to New Zealand for a couple of months, where I spent the majority of this time cycling around the sparsely inhabited South Island.

It was then onto South America where I spent a blissful 3 months cycling over the Andes Mountains in Bolivia, Argentina and Chile.

The next stop was the Middle East as I cycled through the mountains and desert of Oman and into the United Arab Emirates.

At the end of April 2017 I flew to Sofia in Bulgaria where I started the final leg of my world bike ride through Europe.

After a bit of skiing in Borovets I crossed the snowy Balkan Mountains into Romania. Here I was joined by friends from England who enjoyed a weeks cycling with me through Transylvania.

After saying goodbye to them in Budapest, Hungary it was time to meet up with some ex-colleagues from my time working in Vietnam as we cycled towards Bratislava in Slovakia.

Once I left Slovakia and crossed into Austria I was on my own for the final month as I cycled south through Slovenia (an amazingly beautiful country) and crossed the Julian Alps into my final country – Italy.

On the 27th of June 2017 my year on the bike finally came to an end on Italy’s Adriatic coast in the city of Venice. During my time on the bike I covered somewhere in the region of a mind boggling 17,000 km as I cycled my way across 4 continents and through 23 countries,

What I enjoyed the most about this trip was that everyday on the bike brought new unexpected adventures. Each country that I cycled through had its own highlights. In Asia the stars were the amazing people I met along the way, and in New Zealand it was breathtaking scenery which took centre stage.

In South America, the highlight was cycling over the Andes Mountains, while in the Middle East it was the beauty of the desert and the thousands of workers from India/Bangladesh who always had a smile.

Once I reached Europe there were simply too many highlights to mention – the mountains, the food, the hospitality, the history… Each country was an amazingly different experience.

To read about all of my adventures during my year on the bike click the TRIP POSTS tab from the dropdown menu above.  Alternatively, watch my adventures by clicking on the TRIP VIDEOS tab.

Please have a look around the rest of this website as I have recorded all of the planning and equipment that it took to get this cycling adventure off the ground – you can hover over or click on many of the pictures for more information, and don’t forget to check out my links buy clicking anything in blue.

Feel free to get in touch if you are in the planning stage, about to start or already cycling your own journey and have any questions about the equipment I used or the route I took etc.

Thank you for taking the time to read this and for a more detailed explanation of the route that I followed please click here or follow the route tabs at the top of the page.

Lastly, for those of you who joined me for a couple of days, or offered me a meal, a garden to pitch my tent or even a bed for the night you have my utmost gratitude.  Without you, my year on the bike would not have been the same.

As I completed this amazing trip on the bike it was then time to start a new one as I flew with my wife to Bogota, Colombia to start work.

I’ll post an update in 6 months or so to let you all know how life after a year on the bike worked out !!!



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Please have a look around the rest of this website as I have recorded all of the planning and equipment costs that it took to get this cycling adventure off the ground, where I have slept and what adventures I have been upto along the way.

You can hover over, or click on, many of the pictures for more information, and don't forget to check out my links by clicking anything in blue.

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Thank you for taking the time to read this and if it looks like I will be cycling past where you live feel free to join me for a couple of days, or if you can’t join me then the offer of a meal, a garden to pitch my tent or even a bed for the night would be amazing.

Hopefully, I may see you somewhere on the road.